A dog doing a downward dog

It’s time to study some yoga poses!

Whether or not you’re comfy on a yoga mat otherwise you assume a downward canine is simply one thing your pet does, you’re in the suitable place.

We educate yoga in our On-line Teaching Program the place a few of our shoppers have used it to enhance their again ache…like Mind right here:

Brian's before and after

He additionally switched up his weight loss plan and misplaced 75 kilos!

I can’t wait that will help you get began.

At the moment’s yoga poses shall be damaged out into three ranges, so that you can progress in issue.

What can I say, we love leveling up right here at Nerd Health. Most of our poses are fundamental, Stage One, in case you’re utterly new to yoga. Nonetheless, we’ll embody a number of extra superior poses so you possibly can take it additional.

We’ll begin by discussing a little bit Yoga 101, in case you’re completely misplaced proper now and don’t know yoga from yogurt. Should you wanna skip to your required video or pose, simply click on on it.

Newbie Yoga Exercise:

Primary Yoga Poses (Stage 1)

  1. Seated Cross Legged
  2. Desk Prime Cat-Cow
  3. Baby’s Pose
  4. Ahead Fold
  5. Standing
  6. Standing Mountain
  7. Cobra
  8. Low Lunge
  9. Knee Hug
  10. Corpse Pose

Newbie Yoga Poses (Stage 2)

  1. Downward Canine
  2. Crescent Moon
  3. Bridge
  4. Half Splits
  5. Lunge
  6. Ninja
  7. Seated Aspect Fold

Intermediate Yoga Poses (Stage 3)

  1. Chair Pose
  2. Warrior 2
  3. Prolonged Aspect Angle
  4. Insurgent Warrior

Yoga Stretches for Desk Employees

  1. Wrist Mobility Video
  2. Correct Posture Video

Roll out the matt! Let’s do some yoga.


Someone doing a downward dog

Yoga means plenty of various things to totally different folks… like Windfarm Yoga apparently, to the lady within the photograph above. As one commenter from Cracked identified:

“The one factor I do know for positive about yoga is that no matter you’re doing whenever you apply it, you’ll be assured by somebody that it isn’t “actual yoga.”[1]

I’m not taken with that specific side of the yoga debate: folks want issues to argue about and get offended over…as a result of Web. What’s necessary to me is getting extra folks taken with making an attempt yoga out as a result of it’s rattling enjoyable and might actually enhance your life.

In any case, as Vox explains:

“Yoga appears to assist alleviate decrease again ache, enhance energy and adaptability, and cut back irritation within the physique — which, in flip, will help stave off continual illness and loss of life.

Rising analysis suggests yoga can improve physique consciousness, or consideration to the sensations and issues occurring inside you. That’s no small matter: Researchers assume heightened physique consciousness can enhance how properly folks deal with themselves.”[2]

Science is actually telling us: Yoga will help you turn out to be extra versatile like Black Widow, enhance your energy just like the Hulk, prolong your life just like the elves of Rivendell, and offer you psychological consciousness like Yoda.

The jury continues to be out as as to if or not it grants us telekinetic powers.

A classic scene from the Empire Strikes Back

Please e-mail me if a yoga apply helps you levitate rocks. 

After I approached yoga years in the past as an try to enhance my flexibility and to fight poor posture, I used to be initially apprehensive about wanting silly or discovering some side of the train that didn’t sit proper with me.

As a substitute, I discovered a complimentary, fulfilling exercise that helped enhance my flexibility and mobility, alleviated my decrease again ache, opened up my hips to fight a lifetime of sitting, and even helped me quiet my overactive thoughts!

Plus, it was like a power-up for my energy exercises.

It’s now an exercise I do with regularity all through my week, incorporating yoga stretches through the day in between desk periods, after figuring out, and attending the occasional class to degree up.


A picture of the NF Yoga crew

Should you learn Nerd Health, you’re in all probability a skeptic. In any case, one of many Guidelines of the Riot is to query all the pieces!

So that you is perhaps pondering: “Steve, you’re not going to ask me to begin talking in mantras, chanting OMMMMMM, and work on bettering my religious chi.”

As any individual who began yoga with the very same reservations, I sit earlier than you a modified man. For starters, when you determine the religious points of the apply aren’t for you, you’re not alone: analysis into yoga’s historical past can lead down an web rabbit gap of controversy that’s bottomless.[3]

So we’re not going to leap in that struggle.

As a substitute, what you can see in the case of yoga is examine after examine displaying that this type of train rocks.

Right here’s why yoga is helpful:

1) A physique ready to deal with something: at Nerd Health, we’re large followers of energy coaching, and yoga is its good praise. It elongates your muscle mass, improves your flexibility, can launch rigidity in your neck and shoulders, and helps you do issues like contact your toes![4] It may well assist you construct stronger muscle mass, enhance stability and stability (particularly for our older rebels[5]), and make you extra “antifragile” (one in every of my favourite phrases).

As one examine factors out:[6] 

Yoga topics exhibited elevated deadlift energy, considerably elevated decrease again/hamstring flexibility, elevated shoulder flexibility, and modestly decreased physique fats in contrast with management group.

2) Yoga is nice for decrease again ache: Should you’re one of many 31+ million folks like myself who battle with decrease again ache, yoga will help.[7] Yoga actually helps these of us caught at a pc all day lengthy as properly.[8]

A gif of yoga

3) Yoga will help meet weight reduction objectives when mixed with a nutritious diet. Look, everyone knows our weight loss plan is liable for 80-90% of our success in the case of weight reduction. The opposite 10-20% of the equation is taking part in bodily actions that push your physique exterior its consolation zone.

Yoga is a good way to burn a number of additional energy and maintain your mind centered on “I’m doing wholesome issues and thus I must be maintaining a healthy diet meals!” It may well assist enhance our struggle in opposition to heart problems, hypertension, and weight problems.[9] It’s additionally an awesome relaxation day exercise to maintain you on monitor whenever you’re not doing all your different exercises.

4) Talking of which…yoga may be carried out each single day, and may be carried out wherever. No health club required, no gear required – no excuses! On prime of that, as a result of it’s a low-impact exercise and doesn’t overly tax your muscle mass like a powerlifting session, you are able to do yoga each single day, wherever you could find a mushy place to sit down down: your lounge, a park, a seashore, your bed room, on the moon, and so forth.

5) Yoga can quiet an overactive thoughts: We stay in a world with a distraction round each nook; we learn Fb or our favourite weblog whereas checking e-mail and texts… whereas making an attempt to work a day job. Should you’re something like me, your thoughts races 1,000,000 miles an hour, and making an attempt to develop a way of management and calm over your thoughts is like herding cats. We’ve already defined the advantages of Meditation for Nerds; yoga may be tremendously useful with changing into extra conscious of our our bodies and assist with lowering stress and anxiousness.[10]

Lastly, if yoga is sweet sufficient for badass Dhalsim from Avenue Fighter II, it’s adequate for me:

Alright, I’m going to imagine at this level you’re on board with yoga. If having the ability to utterly demolish a automotive together with your naked fingers doesn’t persuade you, nothing will.[11]

So let’s go over some yoga poses and routines.


A yogi meditating

We’ll begin out our clarification of various yoga poses by displaying you what the tip consequence can appear like.

Right here’s an entire routine overlaying some fundamental yoga poses:

The above video (Water Sequence – A)  is taken from our course, Nerd Health Yoga (part of Nerd Health Prime). Should you prefer it, I’d encourage you to go browse the web page and test it out.

Nerd Health Yoga is a course you possibly can observe alongside inside the consolation of your individual dwelling, and it’s constructed particularly for members of the Riot: straightforward to observe directions, an inviting perspective, and as you possibly can inform… some corny jokes from yours really.

This course will work for women and men of all shapes, ages, and sizes, giving anyone the arrogance to get began IMMEDIATELY. Comply with it commonly and you may count on the advantages of the handfuls of research I linked above in the case of yoga apply.

Symbols from the Nerd Fitness Yoga course

Along with a HUGE pose library and step-by-step directions, it additionally accommodates all the following full-length yoga periods filmed in HD:

  • Water periods: Two newbie yoga movies (25 minutes every, first one was above)
  • Fireplace periods: Two intermediate yoga movies (half-hour every)
  • Star periods: Two superior yoga movies (40 minutes every)
  • Deep stretching routine (40 minutes)
  • 6 supplemental mobility movies (that may assist with decrease again mobility, easy methods to lastly contact your toes, and so forth. Two of that are under.)

All of those movies may be streamed or downloaded to any system as many instances as you’d like so you possibly can apply yoga wherever, each time.


 #1) Seated Cross Legged

Probably the most fashionable yoga poses is just Seated Cross Legged.

A seated place helps calm down, reset, and open your hips up a bit.

Carry your self all the way down to a seat on the ground, no matter is most comfy. Cross one ankle of the opposite in entrance of you and sit cross-legged.

Take an enormous breath in and straighten your backbone as if there was a string pulling your head and neck as much as the ceiling. Breathe out, however maintain that upright posture.

Fingers can relaxation in your knees, however shouldn’t push out or strain your legs.

#2) Desk Prime Cat-Cow

That is truly a collection of some poses (Desk Prime, Cat, & Cow) that’s utilized in nearly each yoga session to assist reset your spines and heat up your again.

Begin in Desk Prime, together with your fingers underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. Your backbone must be parallel with the ground to begin.

Exhale and slowly press into your fingers as you abs up in direction of your backbone. Spherical your backbone to the ceiling as you carry your chin in direction of your chest. Gently push out your shoulders.

Inhale and calm down your abs whilst you carry your hips again down. Lengthen your torso as your head comes up and appears in direction of the ceiling. Your chest ought to come ahead barely and your decrease again ought to push into your pelvis.

Calm down and return again to a impartial Desk Prime place.

#3) Baby’s Pose

Baby’s Pose is taken into account a resting place. Which means any time you’re feeling overwhelmed, overheated, or careworn a few specific pose or variation whereas doing yoga, STOP what you’re doing and are available slowly right into a Baby’s Pose to relaxation.

This pose helps decrease stress, refocus your thoughts, and frivolously stretch primarily your decrease again, hips, and thighs.

Begin by kneeling on the ground together with your toes touching behind you. Widen your knees so they’re just a bit wider than your hips. Gently decrease your physique between your knees and hips.

Your arms will stretch out frivolously in entrance of you and you may drop your shoulders to the edges and down.

A variation you need to use (which can be simpler or more durable for you) is to tuck your toes underneath your ft, as a substitute of getting the tops or aspect of your ft in opposition to the bottom. Do whichever variation is most comfy and pure on your physique.

#4) Ahead Fold

Ahead Fold is one other one in every of our hottest yoga poses. It’s primarily centered on stretching the decrease again, hips, hamstrings, and calves.

Begin standing and gently bend ahead as you lengthen your torso and backbone. As you fold in direction of the bottom, maintain your knees straight (however not locked out). Should you can, seize the again of your calves and gently pull your self deeper into the fold.

As you breathe in, you possibly can raise barely and prolong your torso and backbone forwards. As you exhale, you possibly can fold ahead once more into the stretch.

To scale this down, it’s possible you’ll use blocks to assist elevate the ground. Preserve your knees straight and your backbone lengthy, and fold so far as you possibly can comfortably go.

#5) Standing

Standing pose is a resting and centering pose in yoga, however don’t take it without any consideration.

Even after we are standing in between poses, you’ll want to keep robust, energetic, and rooted via your ft. Your ft also needs to be flat and never rolled in or bowed out.

Activate your hips to stop locking out your knees and maintain your posture and backbone tall and elevated.

Lastly, your shoulder must be open and your chest broad. Neck in keeping with your backbone (not hunched ahead). Stretch tall out of your hips via your head.

#6) Standing Mountain

The Yoga Volcano Pose

Standing Mountain is a good pose to heat up our shoulders and backbone.

Begin by staying robust and rooted via your ft (that are flat on the bottom). Legs energetic, however not locked out. Shoulders open and neck in keeping with backbone.

As you’re taking a deep breath, carry each arms straight out in entrance of you and up overhead in direction of the ceiling. Be sure that your shoulders aren’t hunched and near your ears, however slightly relaxed and launched down.

Rooting via your shoulder blades, pull your backbone and arms in direction of the ceiling.

#7) Cobra

The Yoga Cobra Pose

Cobra is a well-liked pose that just about all the time follows Plank as a transitional sequence in lots of yoga periods.

This pose primarily stretches the shoulders, chest, backbone, and abdomen.

Begin by laying flat on the bottom in your stomach, with the tops of your ft on the ground. Your fingers must be positioned underneath your shoulders (very like you’d think about beginning a pushup).

Slowly push down via your fingers and straighten your arms to raise your chest up off the ground, however not like a push-up, maintain your hips, thighs, and tops of ft rooted and pushing down in direction of the bottom.

Transfer your shoulder blades again, raise your chest, and look ahead and barely up. Maintain for a number of seconds after which slowly launch down.

To scale this pose down, solely elevate your chest and head to the place you’re comfy. Remember to maintain your hips and thighs pushing all the way down to the ground, even when meaning you possibly can solely elevate your chest a little bit.

#8) Low Lunge

The Yoga Low Lunge

Low Lunge is a variation of Lunge that could be a constructing block for a number of extra superior poses. It’s mostly considered a Lunge together with your knee on the bottom.

This pose will primarily stretch and strengthen the groin, hamstrings, and hips.

Typically, you’ll get right into a lunge by beginning in a Ahead Fold and slowly stepping one in every of your legs again behind you. If it’s essential, you possibly can scoot your foot again a number of instances till you’ll be able to have your entrance knee straight over your entrance ankle.

As you carry your leg again, drop your again knee to relaxation on the bottom. It will assist assist a few of your weight, however the majority of your weight ought to keep pushing ahead via your entrance knee and hips.

Bend your torso over your entrance knee and lengthen your backbone ahead. Your weight must be urgent down via your heels.

To scale down, you need to use blocks on both sides to stability your self extra with out having to achieve all the way in which all the way down to the ground.

#9) Knee Hug

This pose is used to compress and tighten your physique. It’s typically used proper earlier than Corpse Pose on the finish of periods to reset.

Begin this pose by mendacity in your again together with your legs and arms straight out. Take a deep breath and slowly carry your legs collectively and your knees lifted towards your chest.

As your knee comes up, wrap your arms round them and clasp your fingers collectively. Should you can’t fairly wrap your arms you possibly can attain down every hand and gently pull in your kneecaps.

Gently squeeze your knees into your chest, holding your again flat on the bottom and dropping your shoulders down. You’ll be able to focus your eyes down the middle of your physique.

If for any cause you will have bother doing this, merely elevate your knees in direction of your chest so far as they may go. Maintain for a number of seconds and launch again down.

#10) Corpse Pose

Everybody’s favourite yoga pose, and infrequently a approach to finish an entire session! And whereas at first, it might probably appear to be simply mendacity on the bottom, there’s extra to it than that.

This poses is improbable for calming the thoughts, relieving stress, and stress-free the physique again right into a impartial place.

You’ll have a need in direction of the tip of a session to skip over Corpse Pose and transfer on.

Don’t! Spend a couple of minutes coming again down and resetting your physique in every session.

Begin by laying in your again. Your arms ought to stretch down comfortably to every aspect, barely away out of your physique. Each your legs stretched out and with a little bit house, as properly.

Do your greatest to “launch” your shoulders and neck and allow them to fall impartial as properly (even when on our backs we have a tendency to interact our necks).

Focus in your respiratory and on stress-free any tight or sore areas of your physique.

If it’s essential, flip onto your aspect and bend your knees (laying in your aspect utterly). Wiggle your toes, ankles, fingers, or wrists as wanted.


#1) Downward Canine

A yoga downward dog pose

This pose primarily focuses on stretching the shoulders, hamstrings, and calves.

The primary few instances you get into Downward Canine, you’ll wish to begin in your fingers and knees (what we name Desk Prime), however together with your arms a little bit bit ahead of your head. Pushing into your fingers and toes, slowly raise your knees off the bottom.

Should you can, slowly straighten your knees (don’t lock them) as you gently stretch your heels all the way down to the bottom. As soon as comfy, you possibly can work your shoulders again towards your tailbone.

To scale this down, you possibly can raise your heels additional off the bottom and/or bend your knees for straightforward modification. It’s also possible to use blocks to raise your arms as one other different.

#2) Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon is a variation of Low Lunge the place we stretch upright in direction of the ceiling.

This pose primarily stretches and strengthens the groin, hips, chest, backbone, and shoulders.

To start out this pose, you’ll wish to get into a snug Low Lunge. Often, this implies stepping one leg ahead from Downward Canine or stepping one leg again from Ahead Fold, after which dropping your again knee down rooted on the bottom.

As you’re taking a deep breath, carry your torso up from lunge to upright and stretch each fingers straight up towards the ceiling.

As a substitute of arching your again, draw your hips down and ahead and lean your shoulder again (holding it straight and engaged).

To scale this pose down, you possibly can simply keep in Low Lunge and work on stretching with out extending upward.

#3) Bridge

The Yoga Bridge Pose

Bridge is a backbend pose that primarily stretches and strengthens the again and backbone, but additionally the chest, shoulders, and neck.

Begin by laying flat in your again. Carry your ft flat on the bottom as near your butt as they comfortably sit. Arms must be flat and all the way down to your sides.

Pushing down via your ft and arms, slowly raise your butt off the ground and into Low Bridge (round when your backbone is straight together with your legs).

If you’re comfy, you possibly can carry your fingers collectively underneath your self. Proceed to slowly push your hips and butt in direction of the ceiling, ensuring to maintain your knees over prime of your ankles. Work in direction of parallel with the bottom for the complete Bridge pose.

To scale this down, cease in Low Bridge if going additional is uncomfortable. If Low Bridge is tough, simply apply shifting your hips barely off the bottom from the beginning place. As you achieve extra flexibility, you’ll work to carry in Low Bridge.

#4) Half Splits

The Yoga Half Splits Pose

This pose primarily stretches your hamstrings, hips, and decrease again.

To start out this pose, get right into a Low Lunge. Your again knee must be firmly rooted on the bottom.

Slowly shift your weight as you progress your hips and torso over your again knee. As you do that your entrance leg will go from bent on the knee to totally prolonged straight in a line.

Should you want them, you need to use blocks or a supporting prop on both sides now to assist your weight (when you can’t attain the bottom right here).

Slowly fold ahead excessive of your prolonged entrance leg, together with your hips staying rooted again and over prime of your knee that’s on the ground.

To scale this down, use blocks on both sides as advised above. It’s also possible to keep upright (as a substitute of folding in direction of the tip). Cease within the development everytime you lose consolation.

#5) Lunge

The Yoga Lunge Pose

The Lunge is a serious constructing block for all kinds of yoga poses. Many poses are variations of or come out and in of the Lunge.

This pose will primarily stretch and strengthen the groin, hamstrings, hips, and knees.

Typically you’re going to get into lunges beginning in a Ahead Fold and slowly stepping one in every of your legs again behind you. If it’s essential, you possibly can scoot your foot again a number of instances till you’ll be able to have your knee straight over your entrance ankle.

Bend your torso over your entrance knee and lengthen your backbone ahead. Your weight must be urgent down via your heels and your again knee must be energetic together with your knee straight all through.

To scale down, you need to use blocks on both sides to stability your self extra with out having to achieve all the way in which all the way down to the ground. At any time, you may as well drop the again knee all the way down to the bottom coming into Low Lunge as a substitute.

#6) Ninja

The Yoga Pose Ninja

Probably the most enjoyable poses to make sound results whereas doing, Ninja is definitely a collection of actions slightly than a single pose. You may additionally have heard it known as a Aspect Lunge, however that is Nerd Health, so we’re going with Ninja.

This pose helps strengthen all the decrease physique and stretch out the hamstrings.

Begin by decreasing your self right into a half squat (Frog Prep).

Select a foot and switch your toes out a little bit wider. Stroll your fingers over to your foot. Bend deep into that aspect’s knee as you raise up onto the heel of your reverse foot. Level or flex that foot up in direction of the ceiling.

Carry your fingers to prayer in entrance of your chest. Prolong each arms out in an upward-facing arc and look in direction of your prolonged leg. Maintain the pose and maintain your leg muscle mass engaged.

Slowly come again as much as Frog Prep (physique within the center) and slide over to the opposite aspect repeating the steps above.

#7) Seated Aspect Fold

The Yoga Side Sold Pose

Seated Aspect Fold is an efficient, easy mixture of a fold and a aspect stretch in a single pose. Typically referred to this as “Half Dragonfly” as a nickname.

This pose primarily stretches your backbone, decrease again, hamstrings, and groin.

Begin in a seated place, together with your legs outspread extensive in a V form in entrance of you. A couple of 90-degree angle between your legs.

Carry one in every of your ft over to your different thigh, in order that the underside of your foot rests tucked in and touching your factor simply above the knee.

Holding your hips rooted down and your backbone prolonged tall and in direction of the ceiling, you possibly can gently fold over and use your arms to stroll down your chest in direction of the bottom subsequent to the thigh and knee of your absolutely prolonged leg.

You ought to be barely off-center, in keeping with your straightened leg (slightly than a conventional fold which might come straight to the middle).

To scale down this pose, you possibly can keep within the authentic seated place with each legs out in entrance of you in a V. Gently fold ahead a little bit to every aspect and also you heat up.


#1) Chair Pose

The Yoga Chair Pose

Chair pose is the idea for most of the extra superior strikes present in yoga. It primarily stretches the chest and shoulders, whereas serving to to strengthen your core and legs.

Begin in Standing together with your arms out in entrance of you. Slowly bend your knees, shifting them progressively extra ahead away out of your toes. On the similar time, drop your hips and butt again as you attempt to obtain a 90-degree angle together with your thighs and calves.

As you sit down, your arms will come straight above your head (subsequent to your ears), pointing up with palms dealing with in.

To scale this down, you’ll discover it a little bit simpler to maintain your arms out in entrance of you – or coming in direction of your chest forming a “ball of power.” Like in Dragonball. Drop your hips solely as little as you possibly can comfortably keep for a steady maintain.

#2) Warrior 2

The Yoga Warrior Pose

This pose primarily strengthens your shoulders, arm, thighs and opens up your chest and shoulders.

Beginning in Standing, exhale as you the 1st step foot again. Align your again heel behind the opposite heel after which flip your again foot out 90 levels.

Flip your hips out and align your ahead thigh together with your ahead knee. Slowly elevate your arm, one ahead and one again, each parallel to the bottom.

As you exhale, bend the suitable knee ahead till it strains up straight over your proper heel. Press your heels into the ground.

To scale this pose down, you possibly can carry your legs barely in nearer collectively. You even have the choice to bend ahead rather less or carry your fingers again down onto your hips.

#3) Prolonged Aspect Angle

Prolonged Aspect Angle is one in every of our broader Warrior-sequence poses, typically carried out collectively in pairs or units with different poses from the identical group.

This primarily stretches your groin, again, and torso. It additionally strengthens your thighs, hips, and legs.

Beginning in Standing, unfold your legs barely aside with hips dealing with ahead. Select one aspect and rotate that foot outward about 45 levels.

Bend the knee over the rotated foot and shift your weight to that aspect. Preserve your stretched-out again leg in place and maintain pushing down via that foot.

Carry your elbow (similar chosen aspect because the bent knee), all the way down to relaxation in your bent knee. Your hand and arm popping out in entrance of you. Your reverse arm now extends excessive into the air straight overhead.

To scale this pose down, you possibly can slender your stance a little bit bit extra and produce your hips a little bit increased within the air. Transfer deeper down as you get extra comfy.

If you’re comfy sufficient right here to scale up, you possibly can swap your eyes to take a look at your arm overhead and gently stretch that arm to the aspect (so it falls in keeping with your torso and backbone).

It will deepen the stretch even additional.

#4) Insurgent Warrior

The Yoga "Rebel Warrior" Pose

Insurgent Warrior is one other pose in our Warrior-sequences which might be typically utilized in pairs or units as transitions to 1 one other. You’ll typically hear it known as “Peaceable Warrior,” however, you recognize…

This pose primarily stretches the groin, hips, and shoulders.

Begin in Warrior 2. Carry the rear hand all the way down to the again leg, palm dealing with down. Flip the entrance palm dealing with upwards in direction of the sky.

On an inhale, prolong the entrance arm up in direction of the sky, palm dealing with in direction of the again of the room. Preserve your hips open, however attain your coronary heart up in direction of the sky. Preserve the again of your neck lengthy and your eye gaze pointing in the identical course as your coronary heart.

Preserve bending deeply into your entrance knee; attempt to maintain the load evenly distributed in your entrance foot.

To scale this pose, carry your legs in a little bit nearer collectively to shorten the depth of the stretch. As you get comfy you possibly can ease again down into the complete pose.


A laptop on a desk

Work a desk job? Take into account these two further movies:

#1) Yoga for Wrist Mobility

Wrists are an typically neglected space of stiffness and soreness for many individuals. Whether or not you kind on a keyboard each day or wish to enhance entrance squats and handstands you’ll profit from this 6-minute yoga session:

#2) Yoga for Correct Posture

Hours hunched over a pc, stuffed right into a automotive, or enjoying varied video games may cause some fairly awkward posture habits. This 6-minute yoga session will assist you reset and enhance your posture as you undergo your day:

Whenever you’re in a position to escape out of your desk for a number of, these quick sequences are good to assist stretch out your physique and assist stop harm.

Should you do end up caught at a pc for a lot of the day, with seemingly no time to work out, we will help! We provide a 1-on-1 personal teaching program to assist busy folks similar to you degree up their lives.

We are going to get to know you, your objectives, and your way of life, and develop a exercise plan that’s particular to not solely your physique, but additionally to your schedule and life. We are able to design exercises for at your desk, or a fast session earlier than dinnertime. If you wish to study extra about this system, click on on the massive picture under:


Boy on the beach doing yoga

If this child can do Yoga, so are you able to!

I don’t care when you’re at dwelling, in a cubicle, or an workplace, I need you to make use of 3 minutes of braveness to carry a number of of the poses above!

Which of them? Discover a quiet place and undergo:

Even when you’re not taken with trying out NF Yoga and by no means attend a yoga class, attempt these 4 actions proper now. Like, this very second.

A giant cause Nerd Health and the Riot are profitable in getting folks wholesome is that we encourage folks to take motion instantly. Not tomorrow, not after breakfast, RIGHT NOW!

Attempt to maintain every of the next positions for 30 seconds. Sure, even when you’ve by no means carried out yoga earlier than and don’t have any intention of doing it once more… I’m difficult you to offer this a shot proper now!

I personally stand up each 15-20 minutes and undergo a number of actions (Downward Canine is my favourite) to remain limber.

Crushed these 4 poses? Take it to the following degree and run via our full sequence from the Water Sequence. It’ll take you a little bit over 20 minutes.

Need a little bit extra assist getting going?

You bought it!

I’ve three nice choices on how one can proceed your journey with us:

Choice #1) Appreciated the yoga movies contained in as we speak’s information? Need to observe them in an app that additionally means that you can construct your individual superhero?

Then try Nerd Health Journey!

Our enjoyable habit-building app helps you train extra ceaselessly, eat more healthy, and degree up your life (actually).

Plus, you possibly can be part of our Yoga Journey so you possibly can study poses and develop robust whereas battling wiley supervillians!

Attempt your free trial proper right here:

Choice #2) In order for you an expert coach in your pocket, who can do video type checks, present suggestions, and regulate your exercises based mostly in your expertise degree, try our 1-on-1 On-line Teaching Program

For instance, let’s say you will have an previous harm and couldn’t carry out one in every of our flexibility workouts. A Nerd Health Coach can work with you to create a personalized routine on your actual scenario. 

Personally, I’ve been working with the identical on-line coach since 2015 and it’s modified my life. You’ll be able to study extra by clicking on the field under: 

Choice #3) Turn out to be a part of the Riot! We want good folks such as you in our group, the Nerd Health Riot.

Join within the field under to enlist and get our Insurgent Starter Package, which incorporates all of our “work out from dwelling” guides.

Alright, your flip:

I’d love to listen to from you: did you REALLY full the 4-movement yoga routine above? And the place did you do it? An workplace? In your cubicle?

Keep in mind, who cares in case your coworkers assume you’re bizarre – getting judged for doing one thing wholesome is a badge of honor you have to be happy with!

…and Downward Canine!


PS: In order for you some recommendations on easy methods to improve your mobility, try The Final Information for Enhancing Flexibility.


All photograph sources may be discovered proper right here.[12]


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