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Katie: Hey and welcome to “The Wellness Mama Podcast.” I’m Katie from wellnessmama.com and wellnesse.com, that’s wellness with an E on the tip. And this episode is all about fevers, coughs, snot, ear infections, a few of the issues that we may be encountering in our children this time of 12 months. I’m right here with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple who’s a board-certified pediatrician who’s been treating youngsters for over 18 years, and he or she’s been transitioning to a holistic strategy and has modified 1000’s of youngsters’s lives.

She’s actually well-known for her intensive expertise within the remedy of eczema and autoimmune illnesses, however on this episode, she shared some actually sensible ideas for coping with minor sicknesses at dwelling, issues from what to do concerning the flu, why to not fear a couple of fever most often, the distinction between inner and exterior warmth and impact on the physique, how honey generally is a superior treatment for cough, a few much less well-known therapies for issues like cough, congestion, and ear an infection, together with craniosacral remedy, the humidity consider getting over sicknesses rapidly, and her moist sock technique. When you have not heard of this, it’s for getting over sicknesses rapidly, and I’m undoubtedly going to attempt it with my youngsters if anybody will get sick this winter. You’ll be taught all of that and much more on this episode. She is so enjoyable to speak to. I discovered rather a lot. I took notes. These are all within the notes at wellnessmama.fm. Let’s be a part of Dr. Temple.

Katie: Dr. Ana-Maria, welcome again.

Dr. Ana-Maria: I’m so excited to be right here.

Katie: I’m excited to speak with you. And we’re gonna go deep on some related matters for this time of 12 months. However earlier than we bounce into that, I’ve a observe in my present notes that your first pet was a rooster and one thing uncommon occurred to him in your birthday. So, I might love to listen to that story slightly bit.

Dr. Ana-Maria: Once I was little, I grew up in Romania. And in Romania in 1975, you didn’t actually have, you recognize, pets, per se, however I bought a rooster and his identify was George. And I believed it was the best pet ever. Till my birthday, I’m sitting at my desk in my room and I’m trying exterior my window, and I see my dad with an axe grabbing my rooster and he chopped his head off to which my mother responded like, “We’re making soup on your celebration.” And that was my first expertise with my pet who grew to become soup on my birthday. Evidently, I didn’t eat any soup that day.

Katie: Wow. Yeah. That seems like loads of feelings all wrapped in a single.

Dr. Ana-Maria: It’s slightly tough. A bit of tough in Romania.

Katie: Yeah. How was it rising up in Romania? And when did you come to the U.S.?

Dr. Ana-Maria: So, I used to be born in ’73 and we got here to america in 1984. So, we lived beneath full communism and we had the complete immersion expertise. We didn’t know something higher or something totally different, so we simply lived our life. And once we got here to the U.S. we realized all of the issues that we didn’t have. For instance, if you went grocery purchasing, the grocery shops are…the cabinets are empty. And also you go to the shop and perhaps they convey bread that day and it’s a must to go within the morning to get your quantity and also you come again within the afternoon along with your quantity and also you line up on your quantity, and that’s the way you get a loaf of bread. And it was like one loaf of bread rationed to every family. And so they did the identical factor for meat, similar factor for butter, for cherry. So, I bear in mind sitting in strains for hours till we bought our two sticks of butter. Once we got here to the U.S. and we went to the grocery retailer and there was, like, 4 sticks in a single container and there have been like a whole lot of containers on a retailer shelf, my mother cried. She was, like, overcome by the quantity of meals that’s in america.

Katie: Wow. That undoubtedly places it in perspective for these of us that grew up right here. And I believe within the U.S., we’ve got the other drawback. There’s a lot availability of so many hyper-palatable meals that we’ve got to be extra acutely aware of it. That’s unbelievable, although. Thanks for sharing that.

Dr. Ana-Maria: Positive.

Katie: Effectively, I do know now that you’ve got a lot experience in so many alternative areas, however I believed it might be actually related this time of 12 months to go deep on some sensible instruments for households, particularly mother and father with youngsters as we hit that point of 12 months when there simply tends to be extra sicknesses on the rise, particularly in kiddos, which I do know is a part of the event of their immune system and it’s going to occur, however there are issues we are able to do on the pure aspect that helped make that course of slightly gentler on them. So, there’s loads of instructions we are able to go. However I believe I’ve bought some notes on actually cool ones and concepts which are perhaps exterior even the norm of holistic or integrative observe that folks can do at dwelling. And I’m excited to delve deep on these. So, I suppose to begin broad, let’s form of delve into the thought of flu. I do know it’s a virus, so it’s not one thing we are able to completely keep away from. It’s clearly not one thing antibiotics are going to repair. However that mentioned, there are issues we are able to do to assist or not it’s extra comfy or to run its course extra comfortably. So, let’s begin there.

Dr. Ana-Maria: Effectively, you recognize, when viruses come and invade our physique, they’ll trigger loads of havoc. And one of many issues that we all know as we’ve skilled lately with the totally different viruses is that our nostril begins working. And the explanation that occurs is as a result of the physique is producing loads of fluid to principally wash out the viral particles. The wetter the within of the nostril, the tougher it’s for the virus to catch, maintain, and seize, and invade.

Then we’ve got our coughing mechanism. The coughing may be very protecting. It helps us throw out the invading particles as properly. We frequently go like, “Oh, my gosh, I’ve a cough and, due to this fact, I’m already sick.” I’m like, “No, really, that’s to start with it helps our physique eliminate it.” After which, you recognize, if you get teary eyes and your eyes are watering, that can be further fluid that the physique is placing out, to not point out the fever that comes, which might be a scariest a part of parenthood. We all know after I had little youngsters, I imply, the considered my youngsters having a fever would ship me right into a coronary heart assault. However I knew even after I was working towards conventional medication that fever is the physique’s means of defending us. And if we perceive why fever protects us, we’re much less more likely to bounce on the medicine practice which, as a result of we’re panicked as mother and father as a result of we expect, you recognize, febrile seizures and we expect mind harm. So, like, oh, my gosh, we bought to guard the youngsters. So, we attain for medication.

However the best way I normally inform mother and father I’m like, “Pay attention, once we turn into uncovered to a virus, so it’s sitting on the market, any person coughs in our face, the virus and his 50 pals attempt to invade our physique. And so they use our physique as a photocopy machine as a result of the virus can’t stay by itself.” It can’t simply stay on the desk for days and months. It has to make use of a human physique as a number and makes use of us as a photocopy machine.

When our physique sees this occurring, it turns up the thermostat and will increase the fever. Once we enhance the temperature within the physique, the immune system acts quicker, extra effectively and produces extra antibodies, that are the preventing cells to eliminate these copies of the virus. And as I mentioned, it turns off the copying machine. So, let’s say mentioned virus and his 50 pals made 200 copies of themselves, you let your baby have a fever. Now the physique has mounted 1000’s of antibodies and is ready to overcome these virus particles in about 24, 48 hours, and your baby’s chilly, flu-like sickness lasts for 3 to 5 days. Now, we’re panicked,, so we attain for our fever reducers or we do all these different issues. What occurs is we cut back the thermostat. Once we cut back the thermostat, the immune system slows down, it isn’t as environment friendly, and it activates the photocopy machine, so now the virus is having a subject day and it’s photocopying himself. It’s like going throughout the workplace Christmas get together after they’re photocopying their tushies.

So, it’s photocopying themselves. Now you have got hundreds of thousands of particles. So, inside 48 hours, the physique has now been invaded by hundreds of thousands of viral particles, and the particular person’s immune system is poking alongside barely making an attempt to make a dent in it. Now your baby’s sickness lasts one week, two weeks, six weeks as a result of we haven’t given the physique the possibility to combat. So, that’s my primary tip, is when your baby has a fever, actually do nothing. Hydration, relaxation. However we’re all the time like, “Okay. Effectively, we received’t use conventional fever reducers. However let’s use one thing else that diminished the fever.” And I’m like simply make the kid comfy and let it journey. The human physique is aware of find out how to combat for itself. We simply have to depart it alone as a result of we’re too hyperreactive to all the things. Should do, should do, all the time, particularly relating to our children as a result of there’s nothing tougher than watching our youngsters endure.

Katie: I undoubtedly agree with that. And I can perceive why mother and father would need to flip to the fever reducers as a result of they could be a pain-relieving as properly. And if you’ve bought a child who’s bought achiness or no matter, it’s so uncomfortable for them. But it surely’s wonderful to me the way it’s, like, the extra we be taught in medication, the extra it tends to return to what my grandmother all the time knew.

And it was, you recognize, eat some hen soup and let the youngsters watch a film even when they don’t usually get screentime and wrap them in cozy blankets and simply give all of them the fluids and hydration. It may be so arduous as a mum or dad to look at your child undergo that. However I believe that’s such an necessary reminder, is the physique is aware of what it’s doing. And that was so useful to listen to you clarify the length that, like, though short-term, they may be slightly extra uncomfortable with out these ache relievers, long run, they’re gonna recover from it rather more rapidly. It looks as if particularly in youngsters, are there occasions and locations once we do want to fret a couple of fever or is it… I do know it’s the overwhelming majority of instances, it’s higher to let it run its course. Are there any occasions once we do must be extra alert or frightened a couple of fever?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Effectively, certain. We have now… This recommendation is for teenagers that don’t have thermal regulation points, which is main neurological circumstances. Kids that don’t have vital seizure issues, these youngsters, you’ll want to converse with their physician. When your baby… The most important concern is folks will say, “Effectively, the fever has been at 105 for 3 hours, due to this fact, we’re gonna have mind harm.” Right here’s the factor, a standard mind won’t enable the physique to hold a fever that’s going to break itself. It simply doesn’t make sense. Why would the human physique harm itself? It doesn’t.

Whenever you hear about folks having mind harm from excessive temperatures is from being left in a automotive in the summertime or for being exterior on the seashore with out safety. It’s exterior warmth. Internally, the physique will defend itself. And in case your baby has had febrile seizures otherwise you’re panicked about febrile seizures, you really… All many, many medical research have proven that regardless of how a lot Tylenol Motrin you are taking or across the clock otherwise you rotate, it’s not gonna forestall it. I normally, am okay with fever reducers at night time when the kid can’t relaxation comfortably. Sleep is so necessary for the immune system. So, you’ve achieved all the things you possibly can, and now they’re a screaming mess they usually can’t quiet down. I do enable for fever reducers at nighttime, and in addition in kids that simply refuse to drink something they usually’re in peril of dehydration as a result of we don’t wanna have that both. So, in these two particular cases, I work with the mother and father to decrease the temperature and make the kid extra comfy so they might relaxation higher they usually don’t get dehydrated.

Katie: And it looks as if youngsters’ our bodies particularly are so good at figuring out and, like, spiking that fever early if we don’t intervene with. It looks as if if something adults don’t. We’re not nearly as good at getting fevers though they’re nice for us, it looks as if youngsters are simply naturally nice at that and particularly I used to have Hashimotos and my physique temperature was naturally decrease. And so I knew if I sickness approaching, like, my fever wasn’t gonna spike as a lot as I might have preferred it to. So, not that I might advocate this for youngsters and I’m not medically recommending it in any respect. However I’ve typically, if I really feel an sickness approaching, will go get within the sauna to truly assist my physique facilitate that warmth. Is that for adults solely? I do know I’m not gonna advocate that for teenagers. Is that really useful for adults? In case you elevate your physique temperature slightly bit externally, can which have the identical impact?

Dr. Ana-Maria: I really subscribe to the identical therapeutic administration that you simply simply mentioned, not for the youngsters, however for adults. In case you can go right into a sizzling tub that, clearly, is gonna be with low chlorine. In case you go into your bathtub with Epsom salts, if in case you have an infrared sauna or sauna, I completely advocate that. I do the identical factor. I am going cook dinner myself as a result of I’m externally elevating my physique temperature. It really works like magic on a regular basis. At all times watch out in kids as a result of their physique floor ratio may be very totally different than us. They will dehydrate a lot rapidly. Now, that’s an exterior warmth that might doubtlessly hurt them, so that you don’t wanna try this. However sure, in adults and older teenagers, that could be a fabulous therapeutic possibility.

Katie: And the Epsom salt baths, not even a brilliant sizzling one however only a regular Epsom salt tub, I really feel like is a superb consolation measure for teenagers in the event that they’re having the achiness. When mine begin getting that, I’ll stick them within the bathtub with Epsom salt and a few natural tea and simply allow them to calm down whereas that appears to assist them at the very least be extra comfy whereas they’re going by means of that fever course of.

Dr. Ana-Maria: Completely. And that’s the magnesium within the Epsom salts. The magnesium is a easy muscle relaxant and it helps the interior. That’s why it really works for constipation, it really works for migraine complications, and, sure, for the achiness that comes with chilly and flu with an natural tea. I imply, that’s simply magic.

Katie: What about relating to coughs as a result of that’s one other one which tends to make youngsters fairly uncomfortable. And I do know as a mother, my coronary heart goes out to my youngsters after they’re coughing or simply, like, so depressing they usually’re laying there like, and it’s so unhappy. What are some issues we are able to do naturally? I do know that there are all these over-the-counter cough medicines and, like, you attempt to keep away from these each time attainable. We haven’t really ever had to make use of them in our home. What are a few of the cures you advocate for serving to calm the cough down or is that one other factor we let run its course?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Cough will be so distressing. Oh, my gosh. The nighttime cough, and the midnight is normally when the coughing begins and nobody’s sleeping, so my mother and father are available, they’re like, “Please assist us instantly.” So, some easy issues for cough for youngsters over the age of 1, honey is a wonderful, fabulous treatment. In reality, I used to be a part of a research that recruited all these youngsters to check honey versus widespread cough medicines from over-the-counter and confirmed that honey was far superior than another issues over-the-counter, the bathtub that we talked about.

And one factor that, you recognize, comes out of the medical literature that lots of people don’t learn about, and enjoyable reality, loads of research come out of Romania is definitely salt room remedy, which is known as halotherapy. So, halo is Greek for salt. And it has been proven in people who have recurrent bronchial asthma, recurrent coughs, COPD, or different continual lung infections that if you go sit in a salt room for about 40 to 45 minutes, you have got a major enchancment in airway clearance and in loosening of the cough particles and higher respiration. In reality, the research was achieved in kids that have been on low to medium dose inhaled steroids due to their bronchial asthma. And after they got the salt room remedy in parallel with their inhaled steroids, they confirmed that they’d much less coughs, much less sick days, and higher train endurance and higher airway movement than kids that simply had inhaled steroids and no salt room remedy. And that’s as a result of the salt particles that deposit on the airway lining and draw water out of the physique and into the airway which thins the mucus, which makes you cough it out. Coughing out the junk is the easiest way to eliminate all of the bacterial viral particles, lifeless cell tissues, and get them out of your system.

Katie: That’s so fascinating. Is there any technique to facilitate that at dwelling if somebody perhaps isn’t near a spot with the salt room? Can we use… I do know there’s salt inhalers now. I hold salt blocks in my sauna for that motive. However are there another methods we are able to facilitate that at dwelling?

Dr. Ana-Maria: I scoured the literature with salt inhalers and the information will not be nice. The info is significantly better for the salt rooms. The salt inhalers, use it with warning. Once more, it’s some value to the entire thing. Can it harm you? Relying for those who’re not utilizing it accurately could make you cough extra, however once more, that’s extruding extra of the… So, I’m slightly bit frightened as a result of I’m not getting… I don’t have as a lot knowledge as in a salt room the place the human physique can really take in as a lot salt as wanted versus the salt that you simply’re really spraying in any person’s face.

Katie: Gotcha. What about… I do know I’ve seen loads of the, like, saline nasal rinses advisable for teenagers fairly a bit. In reality, there’s even, I believe, one which has Xylitol that some mother and father use for biofilms with the tonsils. I do know it’s not the identical factor, however can these be useful if you’ve bought that form of congestion stuff occurring?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Oh, completely. A saltwater nostril spray is unbelievable as a result of now you’re getting the salt, you’re getting it deeper. You’re really rinsing the sinuses as a result of as we mentioned, when the virus enters our nostril, the drier it’s, the extra seemingly it’s to penetrate and invade. Once we can hold it good and moist particularly with a saline spray. In reality, that’s considered one of my preventive measures. I’m like, wash your palms and spray your nostril if you come dwelling from college and earlier than you go to high school to maintain all the things shifting. Additionally, we normally get sinus an infection as a result of all the things will get caught within the sinuses and a saltwater spray has a pleasant job of shifting stuff by means of. And in reality, the nostril spray you’re mentioning has Xylitol and grapefruit seed extract. And so they even have proven in medical research in petri dishes to truly decrease COVID invasion into the physique, which is fairly superior. And they’re making an attempt to get FDA approval for emergency. That’s not occurred but. However they’re working research to see the way it really can forestall viral invasion into our tissues.

Katie: That’s superior. I do know I’ve all the time…that’s all the time been considered one of my strains of protection after I journey simply earlier than occurring airplanes or in airports, locations I’m not usually, I’ll simply try this earlier than and after. And I’m but to, you recognize, knock on wooden but to get sick anytime I’ve achieved that. Similar factor with, you talked about honey. I’m additionally a giant fan of propolis. There’s like a throat spray with propolis for teenagers and it appears to appease their throat, however there’s additionally so many cool antibacterial properties in propolis. Are there another, like, pure merchandise like that that you simply flip to as dwelling cures?

Dr. Ana-Maria: I like propolis. I’ve it in my bag as properly that’s, like, subsequent to my saline nostril spray. The 2 of them, my youngsters suppose it’s unbelievable. And different issues with cough, I imply, I am going again to the immune system. I do advocate elderberry, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, and probiotics as immune system package deal to form of increase up the immune system and eliminate the stuff. However usually, I hold it fairly easy.

Katie: Yeah. Particularly with youngsters, I really feel like we are able to overcomplicate it a lot. And their our bodies are so unbelievable. I believe that’s been a recurring theme with just about any pediatrician I’ve ever interviewed is, like, you recognize, 90 plus, typically 99% plus of issues with youngsters will resolve on their very own. As mother and father, we need to assist them, however generally the issues we do really gradual them down as a result of their our bodies are so wonderful.

Dr. Ana-Maria: They’re so wonderful. I’ll inform you one of many issues that’s, like, a recurrent factor in our clinic is, like, the reward of time. Any individual will name in on a Saturday morning in a state of panic and I give them a few issues that we talked about and I used to be like, “I’ll see you on Monday and we’ll sort out this horrible factor.” And by Monday, they’re like, “We’re wonderful. We’re nice.” And it’s just like the reward of time. Just a bit bit. Don’t do an excessive amount of. I so agree. We attempt to do all the things. We’re grabbing issues from over-the-counter. We’re getting the newest treatment. We’re googling all the things and making an attempt to throw it on to the youngsters. And I’m like the youngsters are similar to, “Simply let me have my fever. Give me slightly salt spray. Perhaps put me in salt room. Give me some hen noodle soup.” By the best way, that’s really studied within the medical literature. Rooster noodle soup has great immune system properties to assist lower the length of your widespread chilly. And retaining it easy and giving it time.

Katie: Yeah. I believe that’s actually the important thing to all of it’s… However, you recognize, my youngsters don’t actually watch TV a lot. And after they’re sick is the one time that I’m like, “ what? Right here’s an inventory of films. Let’s get you all cozy and a blanket and a hoodie and a few heat socks and a few tea and you’ll sit right here and watch TV as a lot as you need.” And their our bodies heal so quick that always that’s a really short-lived course of to start with.

What about congestion-specific? As a result of I do know this time of 12 months, loads of youngsters will simply have that runny nostril or be congested and that may intervene with sleep and positively with play. Are there any ideas particular to coughing or it’s not in congestion if perhaps even they don’t have a fever, so perhaps they’re not acutely uncomfortable, however they’ve simply bought that congestion occurring?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Yeah. So, in congestion, clearly, the issues that we simply talked about for the cough, however one trick that lots of people don’t learn about is a moist sock technique. And it sounds so weird, however the best way you do it, and truly my teenage youngsters are… My youngsters are previous. And so they’re like, “Please, let’s do that moist sock technique as a result of I’ve a congestion.” So, the best way it really works, you really need only a sizzling tub and also you want a bucket or a bowl of water with ice cubes, a pair of cotton socks, and a pair of wool socks. And the kid takes a shower or the grownup, you are taking a pleasant heat tub, you get the physique heated up ,not too sizzling, however you get it heated up. And you then take as you dry them after the bathtub and you are taking the present pair of socks. You permit it within the water with ice cubes so it’s tremendous chilly. You wring them out and you set the chilly socks onto the ft of the kid that simply got here out of the recent tub and you set these on and you then take wool socks which are dry and you set them on prime of that. Then the kid will get in jammies, you wrap them up in a blanket, and we’re going night-night. Depart a blanket…one other pair of jammies by the aspect of the mattress in case they get away right into a sweat in the midst of the night time. However what occurs is that I’ve been fascinated.

I’ve been utilizing this trick in my clinic for now three years. And everyone is like, “However what’s the technique? How does this work?” As a result of it really works 90% of the time. It’s unbelievable. And the explanation the way it works is definitely on the identical premise as, like, people who do the chilly plunge, which, by the best way, I might die. However as a substitute of doing the chilly plunge, you simply do it on your ft. Once we go into a chilly plungey ice tub, what occurs is the physique vasoconstricts, which suggests we’re shutting down. And when the physique goes…it feels prefer it’s beneath assault, it begins making cytokines. And I do know in COVID, we’ve heard about cytokine storm and we’re all freaking out. Cytokines are our pals in a specific amount. So, if you get into this chilly state, the physique releases cytokines, that are potent inflammatory cells that we want, which stimulates the immune system, which will get the chilly out of there. You are able to do this simply along with your ft as a result of we’ve got all these nerve endings within the backside of our ft, which make our ft… In Chinese language medication, there’s a complete research referred to as reflexology and all they do is they really use your ft so as to heal your organs. So, we use the ft as principally the door to the soul, if you’ll. And you’ll simply put the ft in there to launch the cytokines.

One other factor that occurs is if you go from a really heat to a really chilly atmosphere, it creates like a pump as a result of in a heat atmosphere, the vessels dilate, which suggests open up, if you go chilly atmosphere, they shut down, which suggests they, like, squeeze tight. So, the opening and shutting factor really causes our lymphatic system to maneuver higher as a result of our lymph nodes, we’re overlaying lymph nodes from our head to our toe, however there’s no pump to the lymphatic system. It simply drains in its personal means. And when it will get clogged up, it takes us longer to recover from an sickness. When we’ve got this sizzling chilly scenario creates a pump that will get the physique shifting higher, it additionally hastens your coronary heart as a result of it’s making an attempt to…it’s beneath assault. And the extra blood that’s circulating, the extra we eradicate the toxins out of our physique and the extra oxygen we deliver in all places. So, this little tip is nice since you’re not gonna submerge a younger baby into a chilly tub, however you possibly can put their ft in chilly moist socks. After which by the morning time, all of the socks are dry each time.

Katie: That may be a new one. I’ve not heard of that, but it surely makes a lot sense. And it strains up with a tip I inform folks as a result of I do chilly remedy rather a lot. I like the chilly plunge. However due to all these blood vessels in your ft and your palms, for those who’re not sick, I discover that’s the factor that will get folks particularly in the event that they’re new to the chilly is your ft and palms really feel a lot sooner. And so far as for those who’re taking a look at, like, you’re doing chilly plunge for weight reduction advantages, for example, and never for getting over an sickness, the palms and ft are simply further painful. There’s not likely a lot fats in your palms and ft. So, you’re not getting the profit there. So, I discovered that carrying neoprene scuba socks lets me keep within the chilly plunge for a lot longer due to this very same factor. So, it’s form of the inverse of what you’re saying. In case you wanna keep within the chilly plunge longer if you’re not sick, put on neoprene socks, however use that to your benefit with youngsters. This can be a sensible tip. I’ve by no means heard this one. So, so excited that you simply simply shared that and hope my youngsters don’t get sick anytime quickly, but when they do, I’ve a brand new factor in my toolkit to attempt. That’s superior.

One other factor that appears to be actually widespread this time of 12 months is ear infections. And I’ve loads of my very own theories about this, particularly when, you recognize, chilly and flu season, but it surely satirically all the time tends to begin proper after Halloween and extra sugar consumption after which this complete, like, cascade of consuming sugar for 3 months straight.

However that apart, there are many ear infections proper now. They appear to extend this time of 12 months. They’re additionally, it appears to be one of many issues the place antibiotics are most prescribed, though at the very least the literature I’ve learn says that the overwhelming majority of them will not be ones that want antibiotics. So, they’re additionally actually uncomfortable for teenagers. So, when our children come dwelling with an ear an infection, what are a few of these first-line of protection issues we are able to do?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Ear infections are about to hit an all-time excessive this time of the 12 months. And also you’re proper, it begins after Halloween, there’s a complete correlation with sugar. And enjoyable reality, when we’ve got about 100 grams of sugar in a single sitting which is one bottle of Coke or a slice of cake, your immune system slows down, virtually shuts down, if you’ll, for as much as 5 hours. This is the reason youngsters get so sick after birthday events. And such as you mentioned, right here we go, it’s Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas, so, it’s a sugar extravaganza.

Different issues that we all know have an effect on us, processed meals and dairy, dairy being an inflammatory meals for lots of people thickens the mucus. When your baby comes dwelling and has the ear… Often, the ear ache occurs at nighttime. And the explanation that’s, your baby is congested, has loads of boogers, they lay down at night time, and all of the fluid from the face really leads to their eustachian tubes, which is the ear tubes, and that stress and that fluid causes loads of ache in the midst of the night time, in order that they get up screaming.

After all, fever occurs at night time. Fever occurs at night time as a result of that’s when the immune system is most awake. And when the immune system is most awake, that’s once we’re gonna generate our fever and our protection. Anyway. So, in the midst of the night time after they get up, then we’re in an entire panic, so within the morning, we’re dashing to the physician. The physician says, “Oh, my gosh, the ear is crimson. And so they have some fluid or pus. And now we want antibiotics.” And also you’re like, “Oh, my gosh, completely.” Effectively, it seems that the American Academy of Pediatrics of their coverage assertion says that kids over six months of age have an 80% likelihood of getting over their ear an infection with none antibiotics. That doesn’t imply that we’re gonna let the youngsters be in ache, however what which means is, like, properly, it doesn’t imply that we gotta take antibiotics straight away. This recommendation will not be for teenagers which are tremendous sick or laying round, they’re excessive fever, they give the impression of being terrible. That’s not what we’re speaking about. We’re speaking concerning the teenager who has 101 fever, is taking part in however often complaining of an ear ache, or my favourite, the youngsters that haven’t any signs, they’re simply actually stuffy, however on examination, we discover ear infections.

So, for ache, garlic oil drops, which really I do know that you simply’ve blogged about and talked about, the garlic oil drops are a very nice treatment to assist ease the ache. The following factor is a saltwater spray that we talked about within the nostril to scrub the nostril and suction the boogers out. Different issues, danger components for ear infections are gonna be our pacifiers, smoking, bottle-feeding, the best way you maintain the bottle for the child. These issues are recognized to be within the prime class, after all, daycare as a result of they’re uncovered to all this stuff.

However there’s one factor that not many individuals discuss within the remedy for ear an infection, and that’s cranial sacral remedy, which has been round for a very long time. That is nothing new. And it was developed, you recognize, within the 1800s by an osteopath and it didn’t catch a lot on then as a result of what he mentioned was like, “Oh, the explanation we’re gonna do that remedy, as a result of we are able to transfer the cranium bones.” And that was like that’s loopy discuss. When you’re mature, how was your cranium bone shifting? It’s not. Effectively, then one other 50, 75 years later, one other physician of osteopathic medication was like, “No, no, no. There’s a means that we are able to do light stress on the cranium and the bones within the face and the backbone and it helps enhance the motion of the cerebral spinal fluid.” And the motion of the fluid really helps transfer, shift stuff out as a result of in our physique, we’re created of water, of power, proper, of various chemical substances or totally different molecules, however all the things is in movement. We’re all the time… Our physique is repeatedly in movement even if you sleep.

So, this fluid, and particularly if we consider our face, the place does nearly all of the viruses and micro organism come into our physique from, our face? Every little thing is our nostril and our eyes and our mouth. The place does meals come? In our face. So, all the things that we… Not all the things. However loads of stuff that we settle for into our physique is available in our face. And once we are… That is clogged up. Our sinuses are clogged up. Perhaps your terminates, which is the issues inside your nostril, perhaps you have got nostril palates, perhaps your palate is slightly off, perhaps your tonsils are massive, your adenoids are massive. That causes an obstruction, which may result in ear infections.

And cranial sacral remedy, which I really noticed it in motion with my daughter who two years in the past she was 18, horrible sinus an infection, like, the sort, like, tooth harm, you lean ahead, and your face is falling off. And she or he was like two weeks in. She comes dwelling crying from college, she’s like, “Please give me antibiotics.” And I’m like, “No antibiotics for you.” So, we went to a cranial sacral therapist who did this particular manipulation and inside an hour, she felt her sinuses open up, she felt effervescent in her face, her ears have been much less stress, her headache bought higher. We had to return a few extra occasions. And she or he was in a position to overcome a very terrible sinus an infection with none antibiotics. And over time, I’ve seen so many sufferers in that course. And since they’re in a position to open these station tubes, manipulate the areas in your face, we’re in a position to transfer the fluid, and now the micro organism can simply get out of there.

Katie: Is that this the factor that’s accessible in most areas now? Like what ought to somebody search for? Simply Google craniosacral sacral remedy?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Yeah. A variety of occasions, you’re like, “I had no concept that was round us.” I’m like, “Yeah, since you by no means seemed for it.” As a result of for those who put like, “What are some cures for ear infections?” that by no means comes up. Not that I’ve ever seen. However for those who put craniosacral therapist, there’s loads of people that do it individually. And now, really, we’ve got a number of areas, a number of bodily remedy firms on the town who take insurance coverage who provide cranial sacral remedy.

Katie: That’s superior. Are there any at-home variations of that? I do know, clearly, you’d must be a skilled craniosacral therapist to try this particularly, however can, like, even simply light therapeutic massage of the top and neck be useful whilst a consolation measure?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Yeah. Truly, there’s YouTube movies that present you, if in case you have loads of ear stress, find out how to manipulate your eustachian tubes with a distinct stress in your ear lobes in a particular means for a particular length that really will open up. And you are able to do that in your kids, you are able to do that on your self. A variety of people that go to craniosacral remedy, they go as soon as, and the therapist exhibits them what to do at dwelling and provides them loads of instruments, so you then don’t must go like 1000 occasions. However sure, there’s really YouTube movies that present you find out how to lower stress inside the eustachian tube.

Katie: That’s superior. And I do know only for, like, a consolation perspective, when my youngsters have had ear ache out, they like after I simply, like, gently therapeutic massage across the ear and even, like, the perimeters of the neck and down, which appears to assist form of that draining. Or making, like, form of the thought of the salt once more, placing some salt in a sock and heating it up, after which placing that heat salt on their neck or on prime of their ear appears to assist perhaps draw a few of that fluid as properly. However I believe the craniosacral tip is big, particularly as a result of it may possibly form of cease that cycle. Since loads of youngsters are inclined to get form of in a cycle of ear infections, it looks as if as soon as they begin getting them, it may be extra recurring. Do you see that as properly, like, as soon as youngsters get ear infections, they’re extra liable to ear infections?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Yeah. And right here’s a enjoyable reality. It’s really in… They did a research the place they put half the youngsters on antibiotics straight away, after which they put… They did the watchful ready within the different half. And the half that didn’t get antibiotics, they’d much less recurrent ear an infection, much less tubes, much less continual points. And the youngsters that bought antibiotics straight away, they’d extra ear infections, extra tubes, the surgical procedure to eliminate ear infections, and extra continual infections. And that’s as a result of when you turn into on the antibiotic practice, it impacts your intestine microbiome, such as you talked about on a regular basis. After which the extra we have an effect on the intestine microbiome, the extra resistant micro organism we develop in our our bodies, after which with each chilly, increase, the resistant micro organism simply jumps in. Additionally, as a result of we didn’t focus on why did they’ve an ear an infection within the first place? Did we loosen up any clogged stuff? Did we take care of their anatomy? Did we take care of their immune system? So, we didn’t… Whenever you’re not coping with a root explanation for their ear an infection, the physique simply is aware of chilly ear an infection, chilly ear an infection. And the cycle simply goes on and on and on.

Katie: And we talked slightly bit about sugar consumption already, however are there another issues… I do know that there’s gonna be a component of generally issues simply go round extra simply. Within the winter, we’ve got much less sunshine, we’re not exterior as a lot. All these issues. However understanding that there are issues we are able to do to assist form of keep away from this course of earlier than it begins. What are some useful ideas for folks that may assist, like, both cut back the chance of getting this stuff or make them much less extreme that we are able to do preventatively earlier than we get them?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Effectively, lots of people discuss concerning the viruses and handwashing. Clearly, it’s essential. We’re very completely happy that handwashing is now a development. However one of many issues we don’t discuss that not solely is it chilly within the winter, however the humidity drops considerably within the winter. The air turns into very dry. And we see the rise in chilly and flu is within the wintertime and everyone normally affiliate it, “Effectively, it’s simply chilly and we’re indoors.” Which is true, however the one incontrovertible fact that has been uncovered by a wonderful scientist from Harvard and in addition from Yale is that humidity performs an amazing position in each prevention and resulting in the problem. So, what do I imply by that?

When we’ve got low humidity, in our physique, we’ve got these little hairs within our nostril, you recognize, the hairs that develop extra if you become old. I don’t perceive. However anyway, if you’re youthful, we’ve got hairs inside our nostril and inside our ears and inside our lungs, they’re referred to as cilia, they usually transfer up and down after which they get the mucus out. In dry air, the cilia turn into much less lively. They turn into extra pokey. And so they’re much less in a position to take away the particles within the mucus.

Additionally, when it’s dry, the airway cells will not be in a position to regenerate or heal themselves as simply as if you’re in a damp atmosphere. And one other loopy factor, and that is all present in lab research with rats to verify on how humidity impacts the airway. In low humid environments, the cells can’t discuss to one another. There’s a cell sign referred to as interferons that the cells use to speak with each other. And in low humidity environments, the cells can’t transmit the interferons between the cells, thus decreasing the communication which ends up in extra irritation and an infection.

So, a beautiful girl referred to as Stephanie Taylor from Harvard who was a working towards doctor for twenty years after which she was like, “One thing will not be proper.” Then she went and bought a grasp’s in structure, as you do, as a result of she was actually interested by how buildings are created and constructed as a result of she actually felt that there was one thing to the air humidity. And primarily based on all her analysis, she discovered that in hospitals, the primary motive for transmission of infections was not handwashing, was really the humidity, the indoor humidity proportion in hospitals that led to extra transmissions of viral and bacterial sicknesses that you simply catch within the hospital. She took it one step additional and labored with Mayo Clinic the place they really went to a preschool setting they usually took half the lecture rooms in a preschool and put humidifiers. After which within the different half of the lecture rooms, no humidifiers.

Within the classroom with humidifiers, there was a two-thirds discount in absenteeism from flu, chilly, and viral sicknesses as in comparison with the classroom the place there have been no humidifiers. And so now they’ve achieved a lot analysis they usually’ve discovered that the candy spot for humidity within the wintertime to stop chilly and flu and aid you recover from your chilly and flu quicker is between 40% and 60% as a result of lots of people are like, “Oh, my gosh, but when we’ve got humidity, then we’re gonna have mildew.” And I stay in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is a moldy holy city. And so we’re all paranoid about mildew. However mildew doesn’t develop at 40%. Proper about 58% is once we begin seeing mildew. So, there’s now these fabulous humidity displays you possibly can have in your home and it tells you precisely what the humidity is and guarantee that is between 40% and 58%. And you then get a humidifier that isn’t gonna develop mildew. And that can assist and also you run it by means of the wintertime in your lecture rooms, in hospitals, in your house, and you will note a major discount in chilly and flu transmission this time of the 12 months, particularly with the massive holidays coming round.

Katie: I’m actually glad you introduced up the mildew piece as a result of that was gonna be a query I had for you. And I do know lots of people are rightly involved about mildew. So, simply to verify I heard that proper. It’s between like 40% and 50%, you’re undoubtedly high-quality for mildew. It’s over like 58% is when that threshold is?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Sure, appropriate.

Katie: Okay.

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What about important oils being form of subtle within the air? I do know a few of these launch humidity as properly. Does that accomplish any of the identical factor or would you like a particular humidifier for this?

Dr. Ana-Maria: Effectively, right here’s the factor. When you have your humidity monitor, you possibly can really verify and see in case your diffuser is definitely placing out sufficient humidity on your world as a result of that additionally relies on the place you reside. In case you’re gonna stay within the northern climates, you’re gonna most likely be drier than for those who stay within the South. Within the south, we most likely have extra humidity than the north.

So, beginning out with what your humidity is in the home and seeing if the present gadget you have got in your home is definitely offering you with enough humidity earlier than you exit and purchase one thing else. Apart from that, I can’t remark as a result of, you recognize, important oil diffusers relies on the scale of them, relies on the scale of the room, relies on the air flow within the room. So, that’s why I’m like, you recognize what? You get this Accu… Accuride is the factor. I’ve no affiliation with it. The Accuride monitor is 10 bucks on Amazon. You’ve got it after which it provides you, like, in real-time what the humidity in your home is.

Katie: That’s superior. I’ll guarantee that’s linked within the present notes as a result of I do know… I bear in mind as a child, I bought strep rather a lot after I was little. And I bear in mind my mother and father had a humidifier that they might placed on in my room, however we lived in a really dry space. And it’s not one thing I’ve ever actually considered now as a result of I stay in a extra humid space. However I’ve seen because the air has gotten cooler these final two weeks, that I discover how a lot drier it’s and my youngsters are like, “My lips are chapped.” And in order that makes a lot sense particularly within the winter why we’d be noticing that distinction.

Dr. Ana-Maria: Yeah. After which by the truth that it’s really one of many explanation why we’re seeing such a spike in viruses. And what I actually love about this info is that it places the ability again in our palms as a substitute of like, “Oh, nothing we are able to do. It’s winter. We’re simply gonna get sick.” I’m like, “No. You possibly can really enhance your indoor air high quality that can assist you combat the chilly and flu and also you’re not one other statistic.”

Katie: That’s superior. Separate of the humidity, are you a fan of diffusing any important oils only for the consolation measure or to assist? I do know that individuals say, like, eucalyptus may help with the respiration. Do you utilize any of these?

Dr. Ana-Maria: I do love important oils. I believe they do play a giant position in all totally different sorts of issues on your complications, on your sleep, for leisure. However I do use eucalyptus and I do use peppermint in sure ages. You gotta discuss to your supplier and ensure you use the best dosage for you and your loved ones and just be sure you’re not delicate. However sure, they’ll do an enormous profit in bettering your immune system and in addition serving to clear your airway.

Katie: Superior. After which what about any… Are you followers of any of the cures or dietary supplements for teenagers as form of preventative whether or not it’d be vitamin C or is it higher to… Do you, like, focus extra on the meals aspect of this? Like one factor I do with my youngsters is we drink lemon water each morning simply because it helps with hydration after sleeping and in addition as a result of it’s bought that little little bit of vitamin C which I do know remains to be a small quantity. However something like that that you simply advocate both from meals or from dietary supplements that may be useful?

Dr. Ana-Maria: I’m a giant meals is thy medication form of physician as a result of, you recognize, in dietary supplements… Pay attention, I like my dietary supplements. They’re superior. They’re the brand new fabulous development. Nevertheless, Mom Nature has already offered us with wonderful nutritional vitamins and minerals in our meals. And consuming the rainbow is without doubt one of the ways in which it’s your every day multivitamin, if you’ll. And one of many issues that I all the time do on my social media, we discuss plant factors and do contests on what number of crops you will get into your food regimen. I’m not saying it’s a must to be vegan, however the extra crops which you could get, the extra minerals and nutritional vitamins. And vitamin D is a tough one to get as a result of it’s winter now, we are able to’t be exterior, we stay in a polluted world and blah, blah. However right here’s one meals that’s actually excessive in vitamin D. I do know everybody’s been ready for it. It’s sardines. And it’s a troublesome one as a result of in america, sardines will not be our primary meals, however I’ll inform you in Romania, in European nations, sardines are wonderful. It’s the highest vitamin D meals and lowest mercury fish which you could have. It additionally provides you vitamin E and Omega III. So, increase, powerhouse on your immune system. But when not, you possibly can definitely do a vitamin D liquid or complement, be certain that it doesn’t have any meals coloring in it. And if it’s in oil, it’s gonna be more practical than it’s in a capsule.

I like zinc. Zinc is superior. Zinc, after all, we discover it in fancy meals like liver and oysters. We’re very bougie in my clinic. All the youngsters must eat oysters and sardines. However that’s very excessive zinc meals which are very useful for the immune system. Clearly, they’re dietary supplements. Vitamin C is superior. The primary meals for vitamin C is definitely guava, adopted by crimson peppers. I’ve one baby of mine that simply eats crimson peppers, like, they’re going out of favor. I’m like, “Effectively, he’s good with vitamin C.” However you will get your Vitamin C. And right here’s the opposite factor. Once we get our nutritional vitamins from meals, we’ve got to get it in a lot much less portions than once we get it from a capsule as a result of Mom Nature is in symbiotic relationship with our physique. And our physique is aware of find out how to get the vitamin C from crimson peppers. It’s having slightly tougher time getting the vitamin C from a complement particularly… We don’t know. Not all dietary supplements are created equal. Whenever you’re searching for vitamin C, I recommend that you simply be certain that it’s liposomal. Once more, it’s surrounded by fats, which can assist the absorption of vitamin C. In any other case, further vitamin C, you simply pee it out.

And naturally, when we’ve got a food regimen wealthy in vegetables and fruit, that helps us with probiotics and that signifies that the vegetables and fruit feed the microbiome, that are the micro organism that stay in our intestine as a result of, enjoyable reality, within the grownup physique, three to 4 kilos of our weight is definitely micro organism weight in our guts. So, we gotta feed these unhealthy boys as a result of they’re…60% to 80% of our immune system lies in our intestine and the micro organism in our intestine are answerable for how sturdy our immune system is. And so they actually prefer to be fed vegetables and fruit, though your style buds may not, however they do. And I’ll use elderberry this time of the 12 months or the opposite one which I exploit elderberry. I favor an area elderberry. If you can also make it at dwelling, that’s superior, if not, discover an individual that makes it as a result of native particularly with native uncooked honey is superior than another gummies which you could get from, you recognize, a complement firm.

Katie: We’re massive followers of elderberry in our home. And I like that you simply talked about sardines as properly. I’ve written about this. And folks push again, I believe, due to the style. However I’m like, really, for those who can be taught to like them, which is a factor as mother and father we inform our children, you recognize, “Maintain making an attempt. Your physique will be taught to find it irresistible.” Hey, it really works for grownups too. But it surely’s cheap in comparison with all different kinds of seafood. It’s really an general cheap protein supply. And I’ve seen, like, simply making that my default lunch, sardines with, like, both I’ll chop up pickles or cucumbers or salad or no matter or make, like, tuna salad however with sardines, such a straightforward swap. You get all that protein, such as you mentioned, all these nutritional vitamins, and you’ll be taught to find it irresistible over time.

Dr. Ana-Maria: what I inform folks as a result of they’re, like, open… In case you by no means eat sardines, you open the can of sardines and also you see the lifeless fish and if we’re gonna be sincere, they’re simply lifeless carcasses in there. Okay. Effectively, don’t eat the entire can. Simply get a chew out of it. So, I like the tuna fish thought as a result of for those who’re making tuna fish salad, you possibly can simply get, you recognize, an inch of sardine and mush it in along with your tuna fish salad. You received’t even understand it’s there. It’s simply visually you’re like, “Oh, my God, it’s a lifeless carcass.” And I’m like, “Okay. Effectively, your salmon was a lifeless carcass too, so is the hen, you recognize, however you don’t visualize them in a can, so then it’s slightly totally different.” However yeah, begin off small. Tiny little bites. Identical to I inform my small folks, tiny little bites and over time, your style buds modify.

Katie: Yeah. And nice for folks to begin with as a result of I really feel like, you recognize, youngsters do a few of what we are saying, however they discover extra of what we do. So, if we do it, then our children usually tend to attempt it as properly or at the very least in my home. Anytime I put meals on my plate, my youngsters usually tend to eat that meals than no matter they have been consuming.

Dr. Ana-Maria: Effectively, in my home, as a result of my husband was my greatest problem as we went by means of our wellness journey, each time I might put one thing new on the plate, the youngsters would look down and they might have a look at him instantly and I used to be like, “Make a face. Go forward and simply make one face as a result of I’m gonna lunge over this desk.” As a result of they knew. They’d know if dad makes a bizarre face and that is bizarre and we’re not consuming it. So, my first order of enterprise was engaged on the hubs so as to get the youngsters to eat a extra diverse food regimen.

Katie: Did that get higher over time? I do know I hear from loads of girls who’re like, “My husband is my hardest one relating to maintaining a healthy diet.”

Dr. Ana-Maria: No. He’s so superior now. He’s now writing my eczema e-book as a result of he’s like, “Oh, my gosh, I’ve seen such modifications in our household and in sufferers and stuff. I’m an entire believer.” So, yeah, my man now eats like 30 plant factors a day, full rainbow food regimen. I imply, his fast-food days have been lengthy gone, though he nonetheless complains about it generally if we’re gonna be sincere. However, yeah. No. He’s a complete convert.

Katie: That’s superior. And that’s a complete one other dialog about eczema, however undoubtedly curious to proceed that in some unspecified time in the future as a result of that’s one other one I hear from loads of mother and father about. However within the curiosity of respecting your time as we speak, I do know you’re additionally busy and in observe as we speak. The couple of questions I like to ask towards the tip of interviews, the primary being, if there’s a e-book or a variety of books which have profoundly impacted your life, and if that’s the case, what they’re and why.

Dr. Ana-Maria: So, two books that everybody has to get is “Fiber Fueled,” which is a e-book that speaks concerning the energy of crops. It’s written by a gastroenterologist, Dr. Will… Okay. I’ve to learn his identify as a result of I can’t bear in mind. Dr. Bulsiewicz. I kill that identify. No. It’s Dr. Will. It doesn’t matter. Simply Google “Fiber Fueled.” It’s an incredible e-book that tells you concerning the energy of crops and all of the science behind the ability of crops. After which the second e-book is “Sugarproof.” “Sugarproof” is by Dr. Michael Goran. And he goes means deep into sugar and the way sugar impacts kids’s our bodies and the way it impacts the mind. I’ve discovered a lot wonderful science from each of those medical doctors. And it goes into only a totally different means of taking a look at how meals heals us and the way meals can harm us.

Katie: Fascinating. And any parting recommendation you wanna go away with the listeners as we speak that we haven’t touched on?

Dr. Ana-Maria: The one factor that we talked about a number of occasions throughout our podcast as we speak is de facto simply having the…give the youngsters the tincture of time and let the physique do its factor. Have the religion and confidence that all the things that you simply do each day is that after they do get a illness or an sickness, their physique will be capable of overcome it with the instruments it already has. Don’t attempt to do an excessive amount of. Much less is greatest relating to acute points in a chilly and flu season.

Katie: Excellent. And I do know I’ve hyperlinks that individuals can discover particularly your programs that contact on a few of the issues we’ve talked about as we speak. However the place can folks discover you on-line in the event that they wanna continue to learn from you?

Dr. Ana-Maria: So, I made… On Instagram, I do tons of free recommendation. And on YouTube, I am going grocery purchasing as a result of, oh, my gosh, meals has turn into such a complicated, tough to navigate journey. So, I am going to Costco, and Goal, and Walmart on my YouTube channel and present you the way to buy various things. We’re doing Thanksgiving this month. And to make your life slightly simpler, I put collectively a holistic pediatric guide the place I do matters from A to Z from cough to zits, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, you identify it. I offer you all of the holistic ideas so you possibly can have it in a useful dandy format that we’re repeatedly updating with the newest info and the newest knowledge that I’m discovering.

Katie: Superior. I’ll put that hyperlink within the present notes as properly. I understand how busy you might be as a working towards doctor. Thanks a lot on your time as we speak. I undoubtedly took notes and I discovered just a few actually sensible issues I’ve by no means tried. And hopefully none of us must, however the odds are a few of us will. So, thanks a lot for sharing.

Dr. Ana-Maria: Thanks a lot. This was nice.

Katie: And thanks, as all the time, to all of you guys for listening and sharing your most dear sources, your time, power, and a spotlight with us as we speak. We’re each so grateful that you simply did, and I hope that you’ll be a part of me once more on the subsequent episode of “The Wellness Mama Podcast.”

In case you’re having fun with these interviews, would you please take two minutes to depart a ranking or evaluate on iTunes for me? Doing this helps extra folks to seek out the podcast, which suggests much more mothers and households may benefit from the data. I actually admire your time, and thanks as all the time for listening.


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