Searching for the greatest digestive enzymes to ease your abdomen woes? Carrie Gabriel, MS, RDN explains what to search for in digestive enzymes so you may get again to feeling your greatest.

When you’ve ever felt bloated after a meal (who hasn’t!?), stared in the bathroom bowl solely to see undigested bits of meals, or struggled with digesting sure macronutrients, digestive enzymes might be for you.

In spite of everything, you may eat all of the wholesome meals on the planet, nevertheless it doesn’t imply a lot in case you aren’t digesting it correctly.

Enter, digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes assist us break down meals extra simply for higher digestion and nutrient consumption. Having correct digestion and vitamin is essential to help a stronger immune system, promote weight reduction, help glowing pores and skin, and promote general well being.

What are digestive enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are catalysts that allow molecules to alter from one type into one other. They’re needed to interrupt down macronutrients—comparable to carbohydrates, proteins, and fat—into smaller molecules that our our bodies can use for power and mobile processes.

Our our bodies naturally produce digestive enzymes in our salivary glands, abdomen, small intestines, and pancreas. Nevertheless, many environmental and life-style elements can deplete our pure enzymatic assets. For that motive, it may be useful to additional help digestion by incorporating enzyme-rich meals or dietary supplements into your eating regimen.

Sure medical situations can even lead your physique to provide fewer digestive enzymes. When you fall into this class, seek the advice of together with your physician earlier than taking a digestive enzyme complement.


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1. Diminished bloating, fuel, and diarrhea

One of many main advantages of digestive enzymes is much less bloating and fuel after meals. When your physique lacks the enzymes wanted to interrupt down meals, it may result in undigested bits of meals sitting in your intestines, the place it may start to ferment. The fermentation course of produces fuel that may result in bloating. Undigested meals can even draw water to the colon, resulting in diarrhea or free stool. 

2. Higher nutrient absorption

As a result of digestive enzymes guarantee your meals is correctly damaged down, they’re additionally key in getting your physique the vitamins it wants from the meals you eat. When you’ve got inadequate enzyme manufacturing, you might have nutrient malabsorption, which might result in vitamin deficiencies

3. Eases digestion of hard-to-process meals

Whether or not it’s a meal out at a restaurant, your fave takeout order, or a particular household dinner, taking a digestion enzyme earlier than your meal might help make meals extra fulfilling, particularly when you have a sensitivity to lactose or in case your physique has a troublesome time with a fatty meal. Meals needs to be joyful, and digestive enzymes could make extra splurge-y meals extra fulfilling.

The right way to Select Digestive Enzymes

when to take digestive enzymes-

Several types of digestive enzymes are accountable for breaking down various kinds of meals and macronutrients. Listed below are among the greatest digestive enzymes to focus on in meals sources, or as a part of a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme complement:

Finest Digestive Enzymes for Protein

Protease, bromelain, and papain are among the many greatest enzymes for breaking down protein.


This enzyme helps to interrupt down protein into fundamental constructing blocks. That is an enzyme our digestive tract creates naturally. Nevertheless, we produce much less as we age. Therefore, why as a dietitian I like to recommend taking a digestive enzyme that features this particular enzyme. Protease advantages embrace selling general digestion and maybe even supporting immunity.


Bromelain is likely one of the greatest enzymes for digestion. It may be present in pineapple. Bromelain helps help within the digestion of proteins present in meat, grains, nuts, and cheese. Analysis additionally exhibits bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties and can also help joint well being. Get pleasure from the advantages of bromelain by consuming contemporary pineapple after a heavy, protein-rich meal.


Papain helps break down proteins into peptides and amino acids for simpler digestion. Papaya is a pure supply which explains why it’s such a well-liked fruit for relieving bloating and constipation. Papain additionally combines effectively with bromelain.

Curiously, making use of papain topically to the pores and skin is typically even used as a pure treatment to alleviate bug bites and different floor wounds.

Finest Digestive Enzymes for Carbohydrates

Amylase, cellulase, and lactase are among the many greatest enzymes for breaking down carbohydrates. Collectively, they’re often known as carbohydrases.


Amylase is an enzyme our our bodies produce to digest starches. This enzyme does a ton of labor! It breaks down the fiber and sugars present in fruits, greens, and grains into smaller molecules. It’s a sort of carbohydrase, which is produced within the pancreas and salivary glands to assist break down carbohydrates into easy sugars.


Cellulase is one other carbohydrase and one of many fundamental constructing blocks of the plant kingdom that helps us digest vegetables and fruit. Plant-grazing animals comparable to cows and sheep really produce this enzyme naturally of their our bodies. Nevertheless, that isn’t the case for people. People can’t produce cellulase naturally, so we should get it from our eating regimen or supplementation. Contemporary vegetables and fruit are good sources of cellulase together with fermented meals like kimchi, sauerkraut, probiotic yogurt, and kombucha.


Lactase is the digestive enzyme accountable for breaking down lactose. Lactose is a sugar that, as you may already know, is plentiful in dairy merchandise. Our our bodies produce numerous lactase after we are infants and depend on our mom’s milk for vitamin. However, as we grow old our lactase manufacturing declines. For some people, lactase ranges develop into so low as adults that they develop into lactose-intolerant. This scarcity of lactase leads to uncomfortable fuel and indigestion for lactose-intolerant people when consuming dairy merchandise.

Finest Digestive Enzyme for Fats

One of the best digestive enzyme for breaking down fat in our eating regimen is lipase.


Lipase breaks down fat into fatty acids and glycerol. It’s the very best digestive enzyme for digesting meals like olive oil, butter, cheese, and different plant and animal fat. Fatty acids are necessary as a result of they make up the majority of our cell membranes and supply power, amongst many different advantages.

Do I want a digestive enzyme complement?

Whereas these enzymes are vital for digestive well being, many people don’t have the proper stability in our our bodies.

A deficiency in digestive enzymes may end up in improperly digested meals within the small intestines and any of the next points:

  • diminished nutrient absorption
  • fuel and bloating
  • indigestion
  • constipation

To help optimum digestion and nutrient absorption contemplate including meals with naturally occurring digestive enzymes, or including a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme to your eating regimen.

When you’ve got a historical past of abdomen ulcers, you must seek the advice of together with your primary-care doctor earlier than taking any enzymes.

What to Search for In Digestive Enzymes

Questioning how to decide on digestive enzymes that be just right for you? As a registered dietitian, right here’s what I like to recommend on the lookout for to decide on the very best digestive enzyme complement when procuring.


First, I like to recommend on the lookout for a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme complement. (These are generally additionally known as full-spectrum.) This implies the complement combines a number of enzymes to cowl all of your wants as an alternative of getting to amass a giant, costly assortment of single enzymes. Additionally, as a result of your meals mix completely different meals teams, you may help digestion of all of the macronutrients directly. Remember to search for a mixture of particular enzymes comparable to protease, amylase, cellulase, lactase, and lipase.

Plant-Primarily based

One of the best digestive enzyme dietary supplements will usually use plant-based enzymes. These enzymes assist goal intestine well being with low-to-moderate acidity. They will additionally assist relieve stress in your small intestines, making them inherently more practical than animal-based enzymes.

Naturally Formulated

Then, be cautious of buying digestive enzymes with a bunch of fillers comparable to synthetic colours and flavors. As a substitute, search for pure formulation that will embrace herbs comparable to ginger, fennel, or peppermint for additional digestive help.


As all the time, an excellent rule of thumb is to search for enzymes with science-backed proof supporting them. A great producer will formulate based mostly on scientific analysis. You may as well verify for dietitians or medical doctors specializing in intestine well being to again the enzyme you propose to buy.

HUM’s Flatter Me checks all of those bins and is likely one of the greatest digestive enzymes to help wholesome digestion and cut back bloating. It additionally incorporates fennel, peppermint, and ginger, pure elements that help digestion.

HUM Flatter Me Digestive Enzyme

When To Take Digestive Enzymes

Relying in your wants, you could need to take digestive enzymes every single day earlier than your two largest meals. Different folks could solely need to take them once they’re consuming a very massive meal or a meal that’s heavier in fats, protein, or carbohydrates, or particularly once they eat dairy.

Ideally, take a digestive enzyme complement simply earlier than a meal. That’s when they are going to be only. If that’s too troublesome to recollect, you may take it within the center or on the finish of a meal as effectively.

I like to recommend leaving digestive enzymes out on the desk the place you eat. That method, you will have a visible reminder to take it through the meal.


Unlikely some dietary supplements that will take days or perhaps weeks of constant use to see an influence, digestive enzymes get to work instantly. They often start working inside 10 minutes of taking it, which is why it’s greatest to take it simply earlier than your meal for the very best outcomes.

After all, if you could and your physician has cleared it, you may take digestive enzymes constantly over the long run to realize rapid reduction of bloating and digestion advantages.


An individual who’s taking digestive enzymes can anticipate to really feel:

  • much less bloating after their meal
  • much less indicators of indigestion (i.e., heartburn, flatulence, stomach discomfort)

Unwanted side effects of digestive enzymes are unusual for most individuals who complement digestive enzymes. Nevertheless, some individuals who have sensitivities or allergic reactions to sure enzymes could expertise: 

Professional tip: It’s greatest to retailer your digestive enzymes in a cool, dry place. (Ideally, 77 levels or cooler.) Limiting publicity to moisture will guarantee your dietary supplements keep potent and efficient.


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