Man using row machine

The rowing machine – it’s so scorching proper now.

Rowing courses are in all places. It’s simple to seek out skilled and Olympic athletes hyping up the machine’s capability to supply a full-body exercise.

All effectively and good…however how do you really use the factor?

Nicely my good friend, you’ve come to the best place to seek out out.

Many consumers in our On-line Teaching Program inform us they need to begin rowing, however they don’t know the way. At the moment, we’ll clarify how we get them going with row machine exercises.

Right here’s what we’ll cowl:

Alright, you prepared?

Let’s row, row, row your rower.

The right way to Use a Rowing Machine (Video Tutorial)

Within the video above, Coach Staci explains the ins and outs of utilizing a rowing machine.

What? Who’s Staci?

Welp, she’s a Senior Coach right here at Nerd Health and an all-around badass powerlifter.

She additionally is aware of a factor or two about utilizing a rowing machine, since she’s gotten a number of CrossFit certs (they love the rowing machine at CrossFit).

When you’re going to study utilizing a rowing machine, she’s not a nasty particular person to speak to.

However first, let’s again up right here a bit…

What Are the Advantages of Utilizing a Rowing Machine?

Team of Lego men rowing a boat

The rowing machine was initially invented for water rowers to coach offseason.

You would possibly hear the indoor rowing machine referred to as an ergometer, or “erg” or “ergo.” They get this identify since rowing machines typically measure the vitality produced from the exercise in models of ergs.

Animation of the words

They’ve grown in recognition, due to the various advantages provided by this one stationary machine.

For instance, the rowing machine gives:

Alright, let’s now go over some terminology so you recognize what’s what with the ergometer.

Rowing Machine 101: Phrases to Know

Row machine

Relating to the rowing machine, there’s some vocabulary that might be price discussing rapidly.

First, let’s chat in regards to the rower itself.

Right here Are the Elements of the Rowing Machine:

#1) Foot Plate – regardless of the rower, there might be a spot so that you can strap your toes in.

Strapping feet into row machine

You’ll need to set your toes in order that the strap goes over the ball of your foot. This can permit you to have probably the most highly effective stroke.

Coach Staci demonstrating proper stroke technique

It is best to be capable of carry your heel on this place.

#2) Deal with – additionally referred to as “the bar.” This replicates the handles of an oar.

Your arms needs to be roughly shoulder-width aside.

#3) Rail – the central beam of the rower, which permits the seat to roll ahead and again.

#4) Show Monitor – whereas these will differ from mannequin to mannequin, the rower will usually have a display to point out some fundamental data:

  • Strokes per minute (Stroke Charge)
  • Break up Time (extra on this momentarily)
  • Period of exercise

And so forth.

For the Concept2 mannequin – the rower Coach Staci demonstrates above – you may hit any button and choose “Simply Row.”

Demonstration of monitor for Concept2 row machine

This would be the best solution to get going.

#5) The Damper – The lever on the facet of the flywheel housing (or fan cage) that controls airflow.

Demonstration of row machine damper

The distinction in Damper settings:

  • The upper the setting, the extra air is allowed to movement. This requires extra work to spin the flywheel.
  • The decrease the setting, the much less air is allowed to movement. This requires much less work to spin the flywheel.

Consider this type of like bicycle gears – it impacts how the rowing feels however doesn’t essentially replicate the resistance:

  • A setting of 1 will really feel quick and simpler to drag, however you’ll want to maneuver rapidly to generate energy.
  • That mentioned, cranking the damper as much as ten doesn’t imply a greater exercise both. It simply means a harder pull – like attempting to maneuver a rowboat.

We beneficial you intention for a Damper setting between 3 and 5 (which can be the place best rowers have it).

Notice: some indoor rowers use a water tank to create resistance, so any related Damper setting controls the quantity of water shifting by way of the system. You may nonetheless use the identical suggestions for damper numbers.

Extra on that right here:

Subsequent, let’s discuss some terminology for the game of rowing itself.

Rowing has been round for hundreds of years and a whole lot of the vocabulary has carried over to the indoor sport.

Rowing Phrases to Know:

#1) Break up

Break up time refers back to the time it takes to row 500 meters, also referred to as the “cut up per 500.” This can probably be proven prominently in your Show Monitor.

If the quantity goes down, it means you’re going quicker! Woot.

#2) Strokes Per Minute (SPM)

That is additionally referred to as Stroke Ranking and it’s precisely what it seems like: the variety of strokes you are taking per minute.

A better SPM doesn’t essentially imply you’re going quicker – you too can go quicker by placing extra energy into every stroke.

#3) Paddle (or Relaxation)

Usually within the sport of rowing, you by no means cease utterly. You simply row or “paddle” a little bit bit simpler.

Kind of such as you do in HIIT exercises.

Nevertheless, if you must cease utterly in your exercise, don’t stress it. It’s positive to even get off the rower now and again…it’s not really a ship.

You do you.

Batman giving thumbs up

Subsequent, we have to talk about the 4 components of the rowing stroke, however we’ll bounce to a brand new part for that.

The 4 Elements of the Rowing Stroke

Woman on row machine

The rowing stroke is damaged out into 4 components:

  1. The Catch
  2. The Drive
  3. The End
  4. The Restoration

It’ll appear to be this:

Coach Staci demonstrating proper rowing technique

Let’s cowl every.

#1) The Catch

That is the beginning of the stroke:

  • Our knees are bent and our shins are roughly vertical.
  • Our physique leans ahead barely to a few 1 o’clock place and our arms are straight.

Like so:

Coach Staci demonstrating the catch position

This places us within the excellent place to generate energy.

#2) The Drive

Because the identify would recommend, that is the place we’ll be driving and producing energy for the stroke.

The order during which we generate energy is vital:

  • It ought to go legs first
  • Then lean again with the physique
  • Then pull with the arms

It’ll appear to be this:

Coach Staci demonstrating the drive

They need to mix easily proper into one another, so reminder is:

  1. Legs
  2. Physique
  3. Arms

A fantastic drill to follow the Drive: 

Begin with JUST the legs:

Coach Staci demonstrating legs only drill

THEN the legs and a slight backward lean with the physique:

Coach Staci demonstrating drill with legs and leaning body

FINALLY, the legs, physique, and arm pull collectively:

Coach Staci demonstrating drill with legs, body, and arms

This may be achieved with or with out the rowing deal with.

Frequent errors with the Drive:

A) Pulling arduous with the arms first. We’ll see the elbows bend early. This enormously decreases the quantity of energy we are able to put into the stroke.

Coach Staci demonstrating incorrect form, pulling arms too early

We need to maintain the arms straight and wait till the deal with passes the knees BEFORE we first bend the arms.

B) Letting the physique pull ahead whereas we’re driving with the legs.

Coach Staci demonstrating incorrect technique, by being pulled forward during the return.

As a substitute, we need to maintain a robust and steady midsection in order that we are able to go easily from the leg drive to the physique lean.

#3) The End

This might be our place after the Drive:

  • Our legs are prolonged and our physique is leaning again barely.
  • The deal with is about at our photo voltaic plexus.
  • Our shoulders are down and our wrists are straight.

It’ll appear to be this:

Coach Staci demonstrating correct finish position

A fantastic drill to follow the End: simply work on the arm movement. 

Coach Staci demonstrating a rowing drill by just using her arms while leaning.

Preserve the legs prolonged and lean again barely. Then pull with simply the arms.

Frequent errors with the End:

A) Shrug the shoulders up by the ears.

Coach Staci demonstrates incorrect form with shoulders shrugged

That is typically accompanied by bent wrists and rooster wing arms.

Coach Staci demonstrates incorrect form with "chicken wings"

As a substitute, we would like the shoulders down and the elbows nearer to the perimeters, with sufficient house between the arms and physique for a grapefruit to suit.

B) Pulling the deal with too excessive – to the neck or face.

Coach Staci demonstrates incorrect form with the handle too high

We would like the deal with down on the photo voltaic plexus, not up orbiting within the photo voltaic system!

C) Leaning again too far – we’re not attempting to carry out the one-person luge right here!

Coach Staci demonstrates incorrect form leaning too far back

We solely have to lean again barely, at about an 11 o’clock place.

#4) The Restoration

Coach Staci demonstrates proper technique for the recovery

That is how we return again to the beginning place.

  • Simply as we had a correct order for the Drive – legsphysiquearms – we’ll have a correct order for the restoration by reversing it – arms, physique, legs.
  • Straighten the arms, then lean the physique ahead barely, and eventually bend the legs to move again to the Catch.

Frequent errors with the Restoration: Bending the legs too early when recovering from the stroke. You’ll know you’re doing this when it’s important to carry the deal with up and over the knees.

Coach Staci demonstrating incorrect technique, bending the knees too early

As a substitute, watch for the deal with to PASS the knees earlier than totally bending the legs.

There you’ve got it, the 4 components of the rowing stroke.

You’ll get higher at this as you go, I promise.

Rowing is like golf: the relentless pursuit of the proper stroke.

Happy Gilmore being coached on his swing with caption "it's all in the hips"

One solution to test your type could be to file your self doing a rowing stroke.

If it appears near the gifs and movies discovered on this information, you’re doing nice!

Oh, and if you need an professional to overview your type, you are able to do so in our snazzy Teaching app.

You may study extra right here:

When to Add the Rowing Machine to Your Exercise

A coupe rowing machines in the gym

A rowing machine can match into our exercise in all kinds of how.

We are able to row:

If you wish to give the rowing machine a whirl, together with it as a part of your warm-up wouldn’t be a nasty concept. Because it’s a full-body train, it’s a good way to prep our physique for the exercise forward.

To heat up with the rower, intention for about 5-10 minutes at a gradual tempo. 

When you get the hold of the rower, you may look to include it with a few of these concepts:

#1) Interval Coaching

Interval coaching or HIIT is all about flipping between depth.

Going arduous one second, then resting one other.

So after your warm-up, you could possibly row intensely for 2 minutes, relaxation or “paddle” for a minute or two, then again to depth.

A enjoyable approach to do that is to construct up the period after which pull it again with a “Meter Pyramid.”

To Row a Meter Pyramid:

  • One minute of depth, adopted by one minute of paddle.
  • Two minutes of depth, adopted by two minutes of paddle.
  • Three minutes of depth, adopted by three minutes of paddle.
  • 4 minutes of depth, adopted by 4 minutes of paddle.
  • Three minutes of depth, adopted by three minutes of paddle.
  • Two minutes of depth, adopted by two minutes of paddle.
  • One minute of depth, adopted by one minute of paddle.

When you begin this off with a 5-minute warm-up, it’ll take about 37 minutes.

#2) Circuit Coaching

You would additionally combine in another workout routines as a part of your rowing exercise. Flipping between rowing and a few body weight workout routines, for instance.

Right here’s an instance Row Machine Exercise Circuit:


We may intention for 3-4 circuits right here, however even 1-2 is a good begin.

#3) Regular State

That is precisely what it seems like: rowing at a relentless tempo.

After a warm-up, discover a tempo you could stick with. Then stick with it.

way of thinking right here could be about 50% of your effort, however don’t overthink this.

Placed on podcast or your favourite playlist, discover a Stroke Charge you may keep for 10-Half-hour, and get rowing.

You may faux you’re in a contest if it helps!

Two people rowing outdoors

Additionally, combine and match! The vital factor is that you just’re doing a little kind of exercise. Don’t fret if it doesn’t match into the precise format you discover right here or on different web sites.

For extra concepts right here, try The right way to Construct Your Personal (Full-Physique) Exercise.

Ought to a Newbie Use a Rowing Machine? (Subsequent Steps)

Team rowing boat in bay

There you’ve got it, my good friend.

You now have all the pieces you must get began rowing.

Don’t overstress when you’re not doing something 100% proper as you begin.

Like something, you’ll get higher at it as you go.

Plus, it’s not such as you’ll be ejected into the water from an indoor rower.

Rower falling overboard

However, if down the highway you do need to take it outdoors, there are all kinds of leagues and golf equipment you may be a part of.

It could possibly be a good way to get out and make pals!

Granted, you’ll want SOME kind of physique of water round you, however when you dwell subsequent to a lake or massive river, there’s probably a staff on the market that might love to fulfill you.

Follow indoors for a bit, then take 20 seconds of braveness to place your self on the market.

What’s 20 seconds of braveness?

We clarify all of it to you on this video:

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Now, your flip:

  • What’s your expertise with row machines?
  • Do you utilize them as a part of your coaching?
  • Any exercises I’m lacking?

Let me know within the feedback!



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